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COMPOSITION: Vitamins & B-complex


MRP: 135.00

BECOGP ACTIVE SYRUP - your all-in-one solution for optimal health and vitality. Packed with essential vitamins and B-complex, this high-quality syrup is designed to support your overall well-being while delivering a synergistic blend of nutrients straight to your system. Our carefully selected ingredients provide a wide range of benefits that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Let's delve into the advantages of each key component: 1. Vitamins: This potent blend of vitamins includes essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. These vitamins play a crucial role in maintaining a robust immune system, boosting energy levels, promoting healthy cell function, and aiding in the production of red blood cells. By incorporating these vitamins into your routine, you can experience a surge of vitality, increased cognitive function, improved mood, and overall improved physical performance. 2. B-complex: The B-complex family of vitamins, including thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), and cobalamin (B12), is known for its ability
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