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COMPOSITION : Itraconazole 100 mg.

PACK SIZE : 10X10 Alu/Alu

MRP : 1200.00

ITOWER-100 CAPSULE, a revolutionary product designed to provide you with ultimate relief from fungal infections. Each capsule of ITOWER-100 contains a powerful ingredient, Itraconazole, with a potent dosage of 100 mg. Itraconazole is a clinically proven antifungal agent that effectively combats various types of fungal infections. From athlete’s foot to nail infections, this ingredient targets the root cause of the infection, helping you reclaim your healthy and beautiful skin. The benefits of Itraconazole extend beyond the surface, ensuring a comprehensive treatment. By inhibiting the growth of fungi, it prevents their spread and multiplication, aiding in the eradication of the infection. With its anti-inflammatory properties, ITOWER-100 alleviates the discomfort and itchiness commonly associated with fungal infections, providing you with quick relief. Furthermore, ITOWER-100 is designed to enhance absorption, ensuring its efficacy within your system. Upon ingestion, the capsule releases the carefully measured dosage, allowing the active ingredient to swiftly penetrate affected areas and deliver targeted results. Reclaim your confidence and bid farewell to the discomfort of fungal infections with ITOWER-100 CAPSULE. Experience the powerful effects of Itraconazole, a game-changing ingredient that leaves no room
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