Easy Ways to Boost Your Immunity This Winter

Easy Ways to Boost Your Immunity This Winter

foods in winter to boost immunity

Winters are just around the corner. Watching snow with a hot cup of coffee is so relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time.

But did you know that according to a survey done by CDC; December, January, and February are the deadliest months of the year? An average of 7000 people die during this phase because of cold winds.

American Counsel of Science and Health claims that more people die in winter due to cold winds than that in summer due to Loo. Summer heat waves are deadly, but winter is deadlier. The approaching winter season can affect our health in various ways.

Some of them are listed below:-

  • Heart problems. Due to the increase in blood pressure and cholesterol level in our body heart-related problems are common in winter.
  • A rise in blood sugar levels in old-age people can cause major strokes of diabetes.
  • Breathing Problems. Less oxygen in the air causes choking sometimes.
  • Mental health issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Hence we must keep ourselves healthy during winter and boost our immunity so that we can enjoy the beauty of this season without being ill and feeling sick. 

Here are some tips that can be followed to decrease the risk of winter blues.

Immunity Booster Winter Foods to Add to Your Diet

Eating Superfoods:- Including these 7 superfoods in your diet will help you to improve your immunity in the winter season.
1. Ginger:- Ginger creates a thermogenic effect that helps boost immunity and keeps the body warm. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties which help to improve our immunity. it can be included in our tea or we can make ginger lemon honey water and have it as soon we wake up. 
2. Jaggery:- Overdosed with anti-oxidants and minerals such as iron, zink, etc. It keeps our body warm and gives us instant energy. Take a dice of jaggery after your meal to aid winter immunity problems.

3. Nuts:- Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc contains omega fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals which increase the energy level of our body and fight infection. Avoid drinking water right after eating nuts. Take a handful of nuts in between meals, not more.

4. Sweet potatoes:- They are loaded with nutrients. Replace your potatoes with sweet potatoes to increase your immunity in winter.
5. Citrus fruits:- They are full of vitamin C which is essential in winter. You can have fruits like oranges, lemons, and Indian gooseberry in your diet.
6. Turmeric:- Boost immunity in winter, reduce inflammation, and promotes good sleep. Drinking turmeric milk is the best option you can have before going to bed. 

7. Ghee:- Ghee has essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It keeps you warm ensures proper brain functioning and maintains bone health. Also heals your dry and dull skin during winter. Include four teaspoons of ghee in your diet to get immunity against all infections.

Now let us talk about other precautions we can follow to make our winter body more energetic rather than being sick.

Exercising:- We often become lazy and skip our morning gym routine or walk just to sleep one more hour inside our warm and soft blanket. But this may cause your body to become stiff and lose out on its natural lubricants that help our body to function.

Hence exercising should not be skipped and must be continued.

Drink Water:- It is bad that we forget to drink water in winter because we don’t feel thirsty so often. Less sweating in winter causes more water retention. But our body still needs fresh water for digestion. Water intake improves our metabolism which in return will boost our immunity in winter.

Expose yourself to sunlight:- It is very important to gain vitamin D from sunlight. It is not only good for our bones but also keeps our skin fresh and healthy. Lack of sunlight decreases feel-good hormones that make us feel stressed and sometimes depressed.

Hence try to go out for a walk on a sunny winter morning with a cup of ginger tea to enjoy the views.

These are some tips that can help to stay fit in chilly winter blues. Follow these steps to boost your immunity and you are good to go out with friends and hang out may be in a park. Winter is a beautiful season and we must enjoy it but we should also not ignore our health.

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