IGP Digital

What is IGP digital?

With an intent to empower distributors, IGP has introduced one of its kind distributions models to enable distributors to sell medicine digitally with the help of company appointed MRs and keep a track of delivery and payment collections.


Completely digital:

End to end digital operations, backed up by 3 powerful mobile applications.

Sales by company’s appointed MR:

Company appoints and manages the sales team for seamless business for the distributor.

3D Marketing:

The model covers all pillars of the market – Medical store, Dispensing Doctors and Prescriber doctors.

Doctor tie-ups and Visits:

Company’s MR manage the complete relationship with doctors for getting maximum prescription.

Full Technical support:

Automated system for order management and delivery app for distributer runners.

Corporate branding and marketing support:

Digital and physical branding is managed by company for clear brand visibility on and off the shelf.

3D model


Over-the-counter products sold directly to retailers


Anti-biotics & injectables sold through doctor tie-ups.

General practitioner

General medicines sold to dispensing Doctors directly.

IGP’S RETAILER APP IGP’S RETAILER APP is an app for Retailers through which he can order IGP’s Product from anywhere & at any time with no dependency on MRs/salesman.

IGP’S DELIVERY APP IGP’s Delivery App helps distributors to track and manage delivery of orders received via IGP’s Retail App.

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