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IGP's Ferribest Forte Syrup is a one-stop powerhouse syrup formulated with clinically approved ingredients that are essential for maintaining optimum health. The main active ingredients used in this product are Iron, Zinc Bisglycinate, Folic Acid & Cyanocobalamin.


Iron promotes healthy red blood cell count, aids in blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues, prevents anemia and fatigue, and reduces the risk of RBC deficiency. Zinc Bisglycinate is an advanced form of zinc which helps to keep hormones in a balanced state, improve immunity, and protect against oxidative stress. Folic Acid helps in the metabolism of proteins and lipids, helps in the formation of DNA, and is essential for pregnant women and growing children as it is involved in fetal development. Cyanocobalamin is an essential B-vitamin which helps to support the normal functioning of the nervous system and formation of red blood cells.


IGP's Ferribest Forte Syrup is uniquely formulated to be highly bioavailable and absorbable for quicker effects. This syrup is easy to consume, delicious with an orange-mango flavor, and contains no traces of artificial color or preservatives. This syrup provides the much-needed balanced detoxification and helps in improving overall wellbeing.



1. Helps prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia: Ferribest Forte Syrup helps to combat anemia caused by iron deficiency because it contains iron, which helps replenish the body’s iron supply.


2. Improves cognitive development in children: The inclusion of zinc bisglycinate helps boost cognitive development in children, as zinc helps to improve the transmission of messages between the neurons and aids in the development of brain cells.


3. Replenishes folate supply: Folic acid helps to restore folate levels in the body, thus helping in the prevention of anemia and cognitive impairment.


4. Enhances energy production: The presence of cyanocobalamin helps in the production of red blood cells, which in turn leads to increased energy production in the body.


5. Boosts immunity: Ferribest Forte Syrup helps to strengthen the immune system as it provides essential nutrients that are essential for the functioning of a healthy immune system.


6. Believed to prevent neural tube defects: Folic acid, one of the major components of Ferribest Forte Syrup, is believed to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in developing children.


7. Helps in maintaining healthy skin: The synergy of zinc, iron, and other essential vitamins from this product helps to maintain healthy skin.


8. Supports the metabolic functions in the body: Iron helps to support various metabolic functions in the body, including the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.


9. Maintenance of red blood cells: The presence of cyanocobalamin helps to maintain red blood cell production in the body.


10. Aids in healthy tissue formation: Iron helps to form healthy tissues, thus contributing to overall physical health.

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