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Enriched with the goodness of soya protein, sucrose, and various minerals as well as vitamins, Proffxo Protein Powder is composed to fulfil your nutritional needs and boost immunity. The right blend of various micronutrients makes this healthful protein powder suitable for all age groups. Available in four different flavours including chocolate, mango, cardamom and vanilla, it is not only nutritious but delicious too. 

Key Composition

Soya Protein – The main ingredient in our protein powder, soya protein is known to build muscle strength, improve metabolism, lower bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar level and boost energy.

DHA –Aids brain development in babies, boosts brain health, improves ADHD, supports muscle recovery, lowers the risk of early preterm births and heals certain eye conditions

Di-Basic Calcium Phosphate – Ensures healthy bone development and aids digestion

Folic Acid – Promotes cell growth, produces and repairs DNA and generates certain proteins

Sucrose – Infuses energy to perform various physical and mental tasks efficiently

Vitamins A acetate, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and O3 - Aid in growth and repair of body tissues, absorption of iron and formation of collagen. They also boost bone health, support nerve function, improve memory, boost energy, promote cardiovascular health and ease muscle aches.

Key Benefits

Proffxo Protein Powder is great for your overall health. Mentioned below are its key benefits:

· Promotes muscle development and builds muscle strength

· Aids in digestion and improves metabolism

· Provides energy to keep going through the day

· Strengthens immunity and builds stamina

· Supports lean mass

· Promotes healthy gut

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