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IGP’S OXYMINZ-G CAPSULES provide a comprehensive combination of vital nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. The powerful ingredient combination of Ginseng, Multivitamin, and Multimineral Softgels helps improve overall health and energy.


Ginseng is known to help reduce fatigue, promote memory, and improve one's resilience to stress. It contains natural components called ginsenosides which are responsible for various health benefits.


Multivitamins are essential micronutrients that help in maintaining energy levels and proper bodily functions. Multivitamins in IGP’S OXYMINZ capsules support your heart, boost your immune system and help in better skin health.


Multiminerals help in maintaining the proper functioning of several physiological activities in your body. Multiminerals in IGP’S OXYMINZ help your body obtain vitality and build strong cells.


IGP’S OXYMINZ-G capsules are easy to consume and are a must-have addition to your daily morning routine. This rich blend of ingredients is an efficient way to replenish key vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, boosting overall health and helping maintain energy levels. With all these key benefits, IGP’S OXYMINZ-G CAPSULES are the ultimate health supplement. 

1. Improved Energy and Stamina: IGPs OxyMinz-G Capsules are made with Ginseng, a natural herb known to help increase energy levels and fight fatigue. Additionally, the multivitamin and multimineral complex in the capsules help to provide energy and improve stamina.


2. Helps Boost Immunity: Studies have shown that the herbs and nutrients in these soft gel capsules can help improve the body’s immunity levels. The combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals help to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and protect the body from illness.


3. Aids Body Cognitive Functions: The combination of Ginseng and the multivitamins and minerals help boost cognitive functions such as concentration, alertness, and problem-solving. All of these elements help keep your mind sharp and focus for optimal performance.


4. Helps Balance Hormone Levels: The ingredients in the OxyMinz-G capsules can help balance hormone levels and help reduce symptoms like mood swings and irritability that can be associated with hormonal imbalance.


5. Speeds up Metabolism: The combination of Ginseng, Vitamins, and minerals help to increase metabolism and help to burn more calories. This helps to improve overall health and can help with weight loss goals.


6. Improves Moods and Reduces Stress: The combination of nutrients and herbs in the capsules also help to improve moods and reduce stress levels, and help to alleviate anxiety symptoms.


7. Enhances Memory and Focus: Taking OxyMinz-G capsules can also help to enhance memory and focus. The minerals and vitamins contained in the capsules help to improve mental clarity and alertness helping to improve concentration and focus.


8. Prevents Premature Aging: The combination of elements in the capsules help to keep skin cells healthy and improve overall skin health. This helps to prevent premature aging of the skin and helps to maintain a youthful appearance.

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