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IGP's PROFFXO GOLD SYRUP is a unique and convenient daily dietary supplement because it contains an effective blend of protein, multivitamins, and multi-minerals. Each serving provides 13g of protein, including essential amino acids, which provide muscle growth and recovery post-exercise. In addition, multivitamins and minerals support immunity and energy levels.


Protein helps metabolize and transport essential lipids, hormones, and vitamins around the body. It also plays a role in the building and repairing of tissues, muscles, and bones.


The multivitamins contained in the syrup are essential for providing balanced nutrition and supporting healthy energy levels. They also help with normal growth and development, as well as with muscle and bone health.


Multi-minerals provide zinc and iron, which ensure that the body's cells can produce energy properly. The syrup also contains selenium, which helps regulate metabolism and promotes skin health.


Through its potent combination of proteins, multivitamins, and multi-minerals, IGP's PROFFXO GOLD SYRUP delivers incredible health benefits to customers. Consume this syrup to enjoy improved muscle growth, energy levels, immunity, healthy bones and tissues, and metabolism.


1. High Quality Protein: The IGP Proffxo Gold Syrup contains a high-quality protein blend, which has an excellent balance of essential amino acids for optimum muscle growth and maintenance. This helps build lean muscle and aids in recovery after intense physical activity.


2. Enhanced Absorption of Micronutrients: The presence of micronutrients in the product helps to support muscle growth and recovery while providing the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Proffxo Gold Syrup also contains a special blend of digestive enzymes which help in increasing the absorption and utilization of these nutrients.


3. Improved Metabolism: The product contains a blend of vitamins and minerals, which boosts your metabolism and helps to burn more calories. This in turn helps to maintain a healthy weight, and also helps to improve overall health and well-being.


4. Improved Immune Function: The antioxidants and essential vitamins contained in Proffxo Gold Syrup helps to protect the cells from harmful free radicals, while boosting the body's natural immune system. This helps to prevent illnesses and infections.


5. Natural and Safe: The syrup contains all-natural ingredients and is free from any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It is also non-GMO and gluten-free, making it safe and healthy for consumption.


6. Refreshing Taste: The product has a pleasant taste, which makes it enjoyable and refreshing to consume. The sweetness of natural honey further enhances the taste, making it an ideal choice for athletes, bodybuilders and health-conscious individuals.

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